About Us

The Den is the active support area located at the northern end of Suncorp Stadium. The Den was founded in 2005 and has been steadily growing in size and volume ever since. The Den has recently expanded to include bays 331, 332 and 333. These are now designated active support areas, with an emphasis on supporters standing, singing and generating atmosphere.

The Den Charter:

1. The Den exists solely as a source of support for the Brisbane Roar Football Club.
– We will support the team on the field always, regardless of the result.
– The Den encompasses bays 331, 332 and 333, which have been designated as an Active Support area.

2. If you are in the Den you are expected to participate in all singing and all choreographed displays (banners etc.).
– Follow directions from the capo(s) at the front.
– Our motto is “Stand, Sing, Support” – make sure you are fulfilling this.
– Don’t join The Den to experience the atmosphere, join The Den to create the atmosphere.
– When the lads are down, sing louder. Be the reason they lift.
– If you are not participating, you may be asked to contribute or leave.

3. The Den is a NOT FOR PROFIT operation.
– All monies raised through raffles, donations etc are used to create our Tifo displays, buy batteries for megaphones, replacement drum skins/sticks etc. A collection of our Tifo displays are available to view on our Facbook page.

4. The Den does not tolerate or support racism, sexism, homophobia or any other form of discrimination.
– Anybody who decides to act in a discriminatory manner will be refered to Security immediately for eviction.

5. Flares are banned from the ground. As a result the use of flares will not be tolerated and offenders will be made known to security upon identification.
– Other actions that may see you evicted include: Standing on the Capo stand; Standing on the fence railing; Standing on seats.
– These are stadium rules, and are enforced enthusiastically by Security. Don’t give them a reason to spoil your day.

Code of Conduct:

The Den has a general code of conduct that all participants should adhere to.
1. Racism of any shape, manner or form will NOT be tollerated at any time.
2. Obscene language is not acceptable. We acknowledge that the occasional ‘F**k’ or ‘Sh*t’ is used, but prolonged use of these or other words is unacceptable.
3. Offensive behaviour is not tollerated, EVER. Threats of abuse or acts of abuse toward fellow supporters in not acceptable behaviour.

If you are witness to, or are the victim of any of the above, please report this to security located at the top of each bay.