Reaction to FFA active support measures

In response to the FFA’s new measures for active support ( we urge all active supporters to boycott the following FFA sponsors and partners:

Harvey Norman
Fox Sports
ME Bank

These companies are financially supporting an organisation that is purposefully restricting the growth of the A-League’s support base. To this end, we believe they are not acting in the best interests of our game.

We also urge all supporters who are outraged by this development to voice their opinion, in writing, to .

If the situation continues to drag out, with no reversal by the FFA, we will organise protests at pre-season, FFA cup and A-league matches as necessary.

We are firmly committed to ensuring all Brisbane Roar supporters, regardless of membership, have access to our Home End. We believe that inclusion is the best way to grow our support base, and will not support – nor accept – a policy which will restrict access and growth. The FFA did not consult us on this new measure, contrary to their press release, and are clearly punishing Brisbane Roar supporters for their continual good behavior. A “one size fits all” approach is not appropriate on the issue of fan management. The Den is one of the fastest growing active support ends in the league. It has a fantastic behavioral record, limited incidents and works tirelessly to keep it that way. The FFA has proven they do not understand us, they don’t care about us and they ultimately want to shut us down.

Please support The Den in their support of all Brisbane Roar suppporters and their rights to actively support their club without prejudice or persecution.