The RoarCast – Season 2, Episode 17 (parts 1 & 2)

Good evening ladies and gents, Welcome to another episode of The RoarCast. This is the biggest RoarCast ever as we review all the defenders and defensive mid’s this season. This episode covers in depth and reviews the performances of; #1 Michael Theo #2 Matt Smith #3 Shane Stefanutto #4 Matt Jurman #5 Ivan Franjic #6 Erik Paartalu #13 Yuji Takahashi #13 Jade North #15 James Donachie #18 Luke Brattan #19 Jack Hingert #26 Corey Brown & 3 players who didn’t get game time; Matthew Acton, Rocky Visconte, Anthony Proia.

Hello my fellow Roar Fans. Tonight’s episode is part 2 of our player review. It covers all players not in Episode one and consists of the attacking mids and attacking players. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and drop a comment either here on the blog or on the facebook. Also, stay tuned for The RoarCast Revue! Cheers!