How to support the Brisbane Roar.

How to support the Brisbane Roar.


  • 1 x Brisbane Roar FC/Supporter Scarf
  • 2 x Legs
  • 1 x Voice

  • Instructions:

    Stand in your allocated area. Do not be tempted to sit in the provided seat. It is a trap. Remain standing AT ALL TIMES!.

    Sing. Sing as loud as you can. Sing for as long as you can. Don’t know the words? listen to those around you. Ask people.
    Songs –

    Wave your scarf around. Visual support is as important as vocal support. Emulate those around you. If they hold up a scarf, you hold up your scarf. If they twirl a scarf, you twirl your scarf. When done right, it looks amazing –

    Final Notes:
    The Bouncy? yep. every time Brisbane scores we do the bouncy. Jump along. avoid the chairs. enjoy yourself!

    Flags… At the front of the bay please. wave them by all means, we encourage you to do so! however be sensible and sensitive to those who’s view you might block.

    Flares – leave them in your boat. There’s no vessels in distress.. no matter the result.

    still not sure, try this video –